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Non-ferrous metal semi-finished products

Basic product information

The information in this section is intended to provide an overall picture of materials we can offer; please don't hesitate to contact us to obtain a concrete quotation.


A broad variety of semi-finished products from non-ferrous metals. Our specialisation is brass semi-finished products from CuZn39Pb3, CuZn40Pb2 and CuZn37 alloys, and copper and bronze semi-finished products.

Types of semi-finished products we offer

  • Bars - round, hexagonal, square, flat 
  • Tubes - round, hexagonal
  • Sheets and strips
  • Wires and more


All our semi-finished products from copper alloys comply with EN/DIN international standards and technical requirements of our customers.


Building on our long-lasting cooperation with partners in the field of non-ferrous metal manufacturing and processing, we are able to guarantee 100% quality of our semi-finished products.

At your request, we will be pleased to attach with your shipment the chemical composition attest.

Our quality management relies on an integrated quality management system conforming to ISO 9001:2008. We are also holders of certificates P.E.D., ISO 14001:2004 and OHSAS 18001:2007.

Why semi-finished products from us?

  • Prompt quotation for any type of semi-finished product
  • High delivery speed
  • Minimum supply quantities starting from 1 kg of the same semi-finished product type
  • Guaranteed conformity to chemical composition requirements
  • We can make the shipment arrangements for you
polotovary z farebných kovov


We will be pleased to present you our references in person. Among our customers are renowned global corporations as well as small-sized local businesses.

Brass bar weight calculation

Select the required cross section

Enter the cross-sectional dimension: x mm
Resulting weight: kg/m

Professional customer approach and prompt inquiry handling

We always stay at our customers' disposal for their inquiries, promptly preparing the quotation for quantities starting from a single bar, up to supply of several tons. We will be pleased to assist in addressing technical problems or advise on the international labelling of various materials and on their chemical composition and mechanical properties.

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“Just-in-time” deliveries

We will deliver the requested material exactly on such time and in such place as required.

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Goods storage

A vast stock of supplies is available to our customers to immediately collect the quantities of materials they need.

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Logistics support

Medeko Cast operates its own fleet of vehicles and is thus able to transport goods directly to the place of delivery. For smaller shipments, we cooperate with reputable forwarders who deliver the goods to the customer safely and on time.

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Production waste purchasing and transport

We can purchase and transport our customers' production waste for a consideration that can be set off, which offers an advantageous financing option to our customers.

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