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Art casting

Basic product information

Our foundry has an over 15-year tradition of art casting. We cooperate with notable Slovak artists. In addition to original auctorial pieces we manufacture various plaques, commemorative tablets and gift articles of a high artistic value.


From small gift articles, through large statues, to sculptural groups and compositions.


Since we use the same input materials and apply the same principles in the manufacture of art castings as technical castings, artworks cast in our foundry feature high surface quality, easiness of further processing, and excellent welding, forming and patinating capabilities.

Why an art casting from us?

  • Very short lead times 
  • Guaranteed delivery times 
  • Competitive prices
  • Top quality
umelecký odliatok


Milan Lukáč, Master of Sculpture

Igor Mosný, Master of Sculpture

Seltzer Alaska, Master of Sculpture

Vetch Farkaš, Master of Sculpture

Anton Gábrik, Master of Sculpture

Rasťo Trizma, Master of Sculpture

Miroslav Tomaška, Master of Sculpture


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