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Lead and lead wire

Basic product information


Primary lead and lead alloys and semi-finished products. The purity grade of our lead is Pb99.99% or lower, depending on customer requirements. Lead-based alloys with addition of Sn, As, Ni, Sb, Cu, Ca, Bi. We also produce zinc-based alloys, different categories of Zamak in particular.


Extruded lead alloy wire. Standard diameters we supply range from 5 mm to 10 mm.

550 x 120 x 120 mm blocks. We weight depends on the material density. Lead blocks are shipped on pallets or pursuant to customer requirements.

Semi-finished products are manufactured precisely to customer requirements.


Quality control is a fundamental element of our solder manufacturing process. It starts from the receipt of materials and is maintained across the entire manufacturing process, up to the shipping.

We are sure that our manufacturing process is stable and quality guaranteed.

Our quality management relies on an integrated quality management system conforming to ISO 9001:2015. We are also holders of certificates ISO 14001:2015, ISO 45001:2018, and P.E.D..

Why lead and zinc from us?

  • Prompt quotation
  • Price guarantee for an agreed time 
  • High manufacturing and delivery speed, starting from 1 kg 
  • Small quantities available at no extra charge 
  • Free analysis of your own production samples
  • Consignment stock arrangement is an option
  • We can make the shipment arrangements for you

Industrial uses

Primary lead has a wide range of applications. It is mainly used in the manufacture of accumulator batteries, tin solder, cables; heat treatment of steel wires; radiation shielding; boat keels; sheet metal; projectiles; stained glass, weights, collimators.

Zinc-based alloys are a versatile type of alloy which is suitable for die castings exposed to mechanical stress. Applications include the automotive, furniture-making, food-processing and arms industries.


We will be pleased to present you our references in person. Among our customers are renowned global corporations as well as small-sized local businesses.

Technical assistance and advice

We will be pleased to advise you without cost to help you choose the right type of alloy for your production. We can propose a solution how to eliminate or reduce problems you encounter in your production process. We can also advise you on legal environmental REACH issues.

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Scrap metal purchasing

Since our production involves the use of metal wastes, we can purchase from our customers non-ferrous metal waste on favourable terms. We at our foundry make efforts to exploit and recycle all types of non-ferrous metal waste and thus contribute to environmental protection. As an end waste processing entity we are able to offer advantageous pricing and debt setoff.

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Delivery terms and packing

MEDEKO as a customer-oriented company ensures that the packing and labelling of our lead products always conforms to customer requirements. We offer special packaging of merchandise for sea shipping on certified special pallets, with colour coding using the RAL system, where required.

Depending on agreement with the customer, we can deliver products by means of our own vehicle fleet or using our long-term logistics partners.

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