MEDEKO - Your partner for castings and machining

Company profile

MEDEKO is a family-based company manufacturing non-ferrous metal alloys, solders, semi-finished products and finished castings. In our production we utilise not only primary metals, but also metal waste.

We are here for our customers. We exert our best efforts to accommodate our customers' needs and fulfil their expectations and requirements. We always deliver quality. Our products have a direct effect on our customers' success and performance.

To secure strong partner relationships both today and in the future, we will continue our way of improving our production processes and enhancing quality of our products in order to facilitate our customers' success in selling their final products.

We will further develop the MEDEKO brand particularly by way of:

  • Total quality management
  • Product sophistication
  • Customer service excellence

Ing. Pavol Demáček

Ing. Pavol Demáček