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Metal waste purchasing

Basic information on materials sought for purchase

We can purchase nearly any scrap metals for our manufacturing purposes.

Here you can view a detailed overview of non-ferrous metals we can purchase.

Services for industrial businesses

We offer complex waste management. We provide industrial producers with logistics services (scarp transport, containers, pallets, big bags), legislative and environmental cosultancy. And as scarp metal is an input for our production you get all these services for the best prices.

Services for waste purchasing facilities

Trading with us is fast and flexible. At your request submitted by phone we can quote you a price and arrange the waste collection and transport to our place. Payments for materials are prompt. Just contact our managers to agree on terms of business tailored to your needs.


To ensure accurate chemical composition of materials, we use state of the art  spectrometers - SPECTROMAXx, SPECTRO LAB Jr and INNOV-X ALLOY ANALYZER.

Our quality management relies on an integrated quality management system conforming to ISO 9001:2015. We are also holders of certificates ISO 14001:2015, ISO 45001:2018, and P.E.D..

Why to supply materials to us?

  • We will pay the best purchase price since we are an end waste processing entity 
  • We always pay in a timely manner
  • We can finance our partners' purchases of material from their customers 
  • Transport arrangements and necessary paperwork will all be done by us 
  • We always deal in a fair manner, which is well evidenced by our 17-year market presence
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Additional benefits of cooperation

  • Our metal waste pricelists are updated on a daily basis
  • We offer professional advice on the non-ferrous metal waste identification 
  • We offer technical assistance - chemical analyses and material sorting, separation and packaging
  • We provide containers for the metal waste collection and purchase
  • We provide hazardous waste management 


We will be pleased to present you our references in person. Among our customers are renowned global corporations as well as small-sized local businesses.

Scrap classification

Copper scrap

  • Cu grranulateBrass scrap 
  • Cu scrap - berry
  • Cu scrap - milberry
  • Cu scrap mixed (birch / cliff)
  • Cu scrap - vires varnished
  • Cu scrap - vires tin-coated
  • Cu sheets
  • Cu tubes
  • Cu processing scrap
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Brass scrap

  • Brass 70 scrap
  • Brass 63 scrap
  • Brass 58 scrap - old and new
  • Brass scrap mix
  • Brass condenser tubes
  • Brass turnings
  • Brass Cu radiators (ocean)
  • Brass contacts
  • Brass Ni scrap
  • Other brass scrap
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Bronze scrap

  • Tin brozne scrap /CuSn/
  • Red brass scrap /CuSnPbZn/
  • Aluminium bronze scrap /CuAlFe/
  • Bronze turnings
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Aluminium scrap

  • Al wires - new and old
  • Al profile
  • Al scrap - die cast
  • Al scrap - sheet
  • Al turnings
  • AlCu radiators
  • Al mixed
  • Al foils, cans, jalousies
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Stainless steel scrap

  • Stainless steel scrap - pieces
  • High grade stainless steel scrap
  • Stainless steel turnings
  • Nickel cathode - new / old
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Zinc scrap

  • Zn electrolytic
  • Zn die cast
  • Zn anode - new / used
  • Hard Zinc
  • Zn dross
  • Zn sheet - new / old
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Leaded scrap

  • Pb cable scrab
  • Pb scrap mix
  • Pb compositions (PbSb, PbSbSn ...)
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Tin scrap

  • SnAg / SnAgCu
  • Sn 99% scrap
  • Sn 60% scrap
  • Sn dross
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Hard Metal und Special scrap

  • HM plates
  • HM cutter
  • Mo electrodes
  • Mo powder
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Ferro Alloys

  • FeMo
  • FeV
  • FeCr
  • FeSi
  • FeSiCa
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Tooling steel

  • HSS
  • DMO5
  • B9
  • B18
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